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Messages by Pastor Mark Gidley




7-19-15-Mikey Nelson – Worship Is My Warfare

7-12-15-Mikey Nelson – Flatline

7-5-15-Mikey Nelson – Along Came A Spider





3-1-2015-The Fellowship of Knowing Christ

3-8-2015-The Fellowship with the Saints

2 1 2015 The Blessing Of the Storehouse Part 1

2 8 2015 The Blessing Of the Storehouse Part 2

2 15 2015 The Blessing Of the Storehouse Part 3

2 22 2015 The Blessing Of the Storehouse Part 4

1 4 2015 What is a Disciple

1 11 2015 What Makes a Disciple

1 18 2015 The Price is Right

1 25 2015 Disciples are Winners




11-2-2014-The Harvest Is Plentiful

11-9-14-Relational Evangelism

11-16-14-Family Evangelism

11-23-14-Community Evangelism-Mikey Nelson

11-30-14-World Evangelism

9-28-2014-Friend Day-What it means to be a friend





3-q6-14-Job’s Three Friends



4-21-13-The Truth Will Set You Free Part 3 – Perception

4 14 13  The Truth Will Set You Free Part 2 – Rejection

4-7-13-The Truth Will Set You Free

 2-3-2013 Generous Part 1

 2-10-2013 Generous Part 2

 1 20 13 The Living Word

12-2-2012 Why Did Jesus Come?

11-25-2012 The Power of Prayer

11-4-2012 Living the Sanctified Life

10-7-2012 Feasts

9-8-2012  Living Extra Ordinarily Part 2

9-2-2012  Living Extra Ordinarily Part 1

8 26 The Order of Life 

8-19-2012  Fear

08-12-2012 Be a Peacemaker

7-14-2012 The Making of a King 

7-1-2012 One Nation Under God

Soul Ties – Part 2 (4-22-2012)

Soul Ties – Part 1 (4-15-2012)

Apolocalypse 11-Satan is Bound & The New Jerusalem

Apolocalypse 10-Babylon Has Fallen

Apolocalypse 9-Seven Angels with Seven Bowls of Plagues

Apolocalypse 8-The War In Heaven

Apolocalypse 7-The Two Witnesses & the Judgement Seat of Christ –

Apolocalypse 6-Seven Angels With Seven Trumpets

– Apolocalypse 5-The Great Multitude

Apolocalypse 4-The Opening of the Book Sealed with Seven Seals –

Apocalypse 3-In The Spirit In Heaven

Apocalypse 2-The Seven Churches of Asia

Apocalypse 1-In the Spirit on the Lord’s Day


Messages by Kathy Gidley

6-28-2015 Cast Your Net Out Again  

8 26 12 Kathy Gidley – Faith 

12-7-2014 Kathy Gidley – Seeing God-Seeing Me 


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